"Running Wild"

"Running Wild" is a 2017 drama film directed by Alex Ranarivelo. The film follows the story of a widow who saves her ranch by working with convicts to rehabilitate a herd of wild horses that wander onto her property. It stars Sharon Stone, Tommy Flanagan, and Jason Lewis. The film explores themes of redemption, second chances, and the healing power of animals.

"Running Wild" is a heartfelt drama

"Running Wild" is a heartfelt drama that explores the bond between humans and animals. It centers on Stella Davis (played by Sharon Stone), a widow struggling to keep her ranch afloat. When a herd of wild horses starts grazing on her land, Stella decides to take in a group of convicts on a rehabilitation program to help train the horses and save her ranch.

As the convicts learn to care for the horses, they also undergo personal transformations, finding redemption and a sense of purpose. The film highlights the healing power of animals and nature, showing how working with the horses helps the characters overcome their past traumas and find hope for the future.

"Running Wild" is inspired by true events and delivers a powerful message about forgiveness, redemption, and the potential for positive change, both in individuals and in the world around us.