By any measure Forrest Lucas is an extraordinary presence in US entrepreneurial success stories. Born in Jackson County and raised in, Brown and Bartholomew counties in Indiana, Forrest purchased his first truck, a 1948 Ford dump truck powered by a ’55 Thunderbird engine at the age of 18. Three years later he bought a new 1963 Chevrolet, C-60 series with a 327-cubic-inch gas engine and signed on with Mayflower Moving and Storage, serving as the youngest owner-operator in the fleet.

For the next few years his life consisted of building up his fleet and manhandling his trucks from coast to coast carrying freight one way and furniture the other. But, his maintenance problems caused by the poor quality of available commercial truck lubricants nearly forced him out of business until he began to mix and match and then market his own formulas.

Today Lucas Oil Products, Inc is the world leader of High Performance Lubricants and Problem Solving Additives and produces and markets more than 100 unique products in more than thirty four countries around the world, and is growing market by market every year. Today you can purchase Lucas Products in Asia including China, Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam; Western Europe including the UK, Ireland, France and Poland; as far south as Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand; throughout Central, North and South America including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil and are currently opening new markets in Africa.


Raised in Northern California, Ali Afshar grew up in the green Sonoma Mountains of Petaluma. His passion for speed and entertaining was evident at a very early age as his family could often find him racing motorcycles and horses at the age of 5 on their 200— acre ranch.

While pursuing his acting career, Ali founded Easy Street Motorsports (also known as ESX), an automotive performance and race facility that eventually lead him to race for Subaru of America for over 12 years and achieve a certain celebrity racing status. ESX became a 2 Time

NHRA National & World Champion Team, 18 Time NHRA event champion, 2005 Rally America Champion (with Rocket Rally) and a world record holder!

Ali landed his first major television acting role, as (a very fitting) mechanic-racer named "Grease" on the NBC show "Saved By The Bell". He then started working on a string of feature films and television shows such as "He's Just Not That Into You", "King of Queens", "Saving Grace", “Three Kings”, “Godzilla”, HBO's "Guardian", “The Siege” and others. Ali got his first taste of working with great talent on these projects that included award winning directors and actors.

In 2010 Ali produced his first full length feature titled "Born To Race". A teen action film best described as "Fast and Furious meets Friday Night Lights"! Ali tapped into his rich auto racing history and brought dozens of sponsors to support him in this film including, Subaru of America, NHRA, Pep Boys, Injen and more! Ali also had a supporting role in this film and played a character very close to home.. himself! Born to Race was released in foreign markets in 2011 and in the

spring of 2012 in North America. "Born to Race" surprised audiences and exceeded sales around the world thus, the second producing endeavor in Ali's auto based films titled "Born to Race: FAST TRACK" was released in Summer of 2014 by Anchor Bay.

In 2013 Ali got back in the saddle of a new Subaru Race Car, a 2013 Subaru BRZ and is attempting to set the world record with a 1600 horsepower, twin turbo, alcohol drinking, nitrous oxide breathing Subaru! In 2015 Ali also added a much coveted COPO Camaro to his arsenal of race cars and started competing in the NHRA Stock class. In August 2016, Ali set the world record for quickest Subaru ever to run a quester mile!

In 2014, Ali teamed up with Forrest Lucas to create ESX Entertainment. ESX Entertainment currently has a slate of hopeful and inspirational films including "The Dog Lover” (James Remar, Lea Thompson), "American Wrestler: The Wizard” (Jon Voight, William Fichnter, George Kosturos), "Running Wild” (Sharon Stone), "Pray for Rain” (Jane Seymour) and “Dirt" (Kevin Dillion). These films are slated to release in theaters staring in the summer of 2016. Ali is currently developing a a feature titled “Ride” that will begin production October 2016.

Ali lives in Hollywood and is splitting his time between Acting, Producing and Racing. 


Alex graduated at the top of his class with a B.F.A in film directing from Art Center College of Design. His thesis film was a 35mm short film about street-racing called "The Last Race", based on his experiences as a street- racer. After college he continued to develop his writing and directing skills with 5 more short films in different genres, each playing in festivals and winning multiple "best short film" awards.

He made his feature debut with a rough and tumble romantic comedy from a guy's perspective: “Alpha Males Experiment". It played at multiple festivals and placed in Best of Fest's top 10 comedies of 2009.

Alex went back to his street-racing roots for his second feature "Born To Race", a teen action film centered around a father/son story. He followed it up with a sequel, "Born to Race: Fast Track" starring Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff.

In 2010, Alex also wrote a revenge-thriller called "The Girl With No Name", which won the Grand Prize at the Slamdance Screenwriting Competition. He was then hired to write the MMA sports drama "Mickey Kelley".

He has just finished directing a slate of 5 films for ESX entertainment. These titles include "The Dog Lover” (James Remar, Lea Thompson), "American Wrestler: The Wizard” (Jon Voight, William Fichnter, George Kosturos), "Running Wild” (Sharon Stone), "Pray for Rain” (Jane Seymour) and “Dirt" (Kevin Dillion).

Alex has been a fan of the action/thriller genre since he was 7 and saw Star Wars for the first time. Directors like Ridley and Tony Scott, John McTiernan and Michael Mann have influenced his work and continue to inspire him.